Monday, July 21, 2008

NibbleFest - Angels and Demons

The NibbleFest theme for July is "Angels and Demons." Here is mine. I think I was a little inspired by the baby goats in my neighborhood. Although this Guardian Angel is caring for a lamb. Close enough.

Finally I'm joining in on NibbleFest again. And listing an auction on ebay. It took me a while to navigate, but I finally got the listings done. Why does ebay always seem to get worse, instead of improve?

Oh well, search NFAC for the other angels and demons on ebay.


1 comment:

Contessa Kris said...

Your latest angel piece is gorgeous and I'm especially in love with the queen below. Thanks for visiting my blog recently. I'm playing catch up on posts. I'll be back to see more of your art soon!