Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

I hope all of you Mother's got some lovely flowers or whatever your heart desired for today! I enjoyed my day with my son, and received some goodies including some flowers. Delphiniums for my garden.

I've been learning how to crochet amigurumis the last couple weeks. I've made 3 of my own designs now. With each one, I improve a little in my skills, learning little tricks. The little girl "Miss Mousey is #2.

And this is my 3rd creation, her little friend, "Manley Mouse," named after Almonso Wilder, of course. He's all ready for hugs. I may offer some of the little cuties in my shop soon.

1 comment:

UberArt said...

I love delphiniums and larkspur! Mine haven't done well this year :(
Great photos of your little mice!