Friday, May 30, 2008

Art Lesson - Summer Accordion Books

Today and last Friday I did these accordion books with the two fifth grade classes. With Summer Vacation so very near, it was a perfect time for a Summer theme. This project was excellent for fifth graders, and they truly enjoyed it, lots! They really loved sharing their ideas at the end of the lesson also.

Brad had got a whole bunch of old post cards from a job a while back, and they were fun to use as the covers of the accordion books. The kids each got 2 post cards, and 2 strips of pieces of paper for the inside pages. I made the strips 4 times as wide as the post cards. I showed them how to make the accordion folds, and they glued them into 1 long strip, and added the post cards as the covers. We used white glue for the gluing of the book, and glue sticks for decorating. I hate how so often glue stick falls apart, so the structure I thought would be better glued with the sticky white glue. But too much of it, and the book sticks together.

We talked together about all the things we think about when we think of summer. Funny, both classes right away said "sleep" as an idea. I had to agree! I made sure to add Reading, Fruit, and Art to the list.

Check out this young lady's idea of relaxing by the water! (above) She told me he was relaxing and enjoying the flowers nearby! What a joy!

After our talk, I let them go. There were magazines, and other misc recycled paper to choose from, as well as markers. I was surprised at how busy they stayed, for the entire hour. In fact they could've gone longer. That's when you know you were a success.

Another clue to the success was when I was talking with one girl about how she was dreaming of going to Ireland this summer. Then her neighbor said "My dream is to do this forever"!... Those kinds of comments make it all worthwhile!


Waterrose said...

Those are some creative kids!

erin (at) jewellerybyerin (dot) com said...

"My dream is to do this forever" That has got to be the best thing a teacher/instructor could ever hear. Sounds like your project was a huge hit! I'm always so impressed with the work that young people produce.

Morning Artist said...

Wonderful idea, thanks for sharing. You're a gifted artist and mentor.