Thursday, May 01, 2008

Craft Show This Weekend

You haven't heard from me in a over a week, and this is partly the reason. I'm doing a craft show this weekend! I've been trying to get my stuff all ready for the event. And of course, my volunteer work keeps getting in my way. My annual batik lesson was this week (lots of time and energy). And also baseball has started - we're coaching for the 6th year straight. This seems to take over my thoughts more than anything!! I'm not sure why, I'm not the sporty type AT ALL! But I guess when I take something on, I get way into it, trying to improve myself, and do the best job possible.

So just a short post to check in, and to tell all of you who just may be in the OC this weekend, to stop by and see me, Wesley and my mom!

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Mother Bliss said...

Sounds cool, what are you selling? You amaze me with so much that you accomplish being as busy as you are. I wish I was as productive as you!