Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Baby Birdie

My mother has baby parakeets at her house. They are so adorable, and helpless. This first photo was taken a few weeks ago.

And this is the same little guy just 2 weeks later. How fast these babies do grow and change. If you've ever had a couple of parakeets, you know just how many babies they can have. It can be hard to stop them at times. And too many is just not good for the mom, so my mom should separate her male and female soon. And if you want a baby parakeet, you know where to go!!


Anonymous said...

Ohhhh how sweet. I have a one-footed parakeet (born with a birth defect) who is now 18 years old. He has braved the elements during our many power outages (winter storms and the house getting brutally cold) and my two cats constant staring and drooling. Now that he is getting old, he can't balance on his one foot as well and he tips over. He has a problem getting up on his own now so we have to check on him frequently.

Karma by Morgan said...

awwww so cute!

we had one whose names was Rooku. For years we thought she was a man and then we moved and she laid eggs.

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Awww--isn't it cute?!! Most of the baby birds I've seen have been kinda homely, but that one is really sweet!
Smiles, Karen

Kalliope said...

Awwww! So adorable. Cutest photos I've seen all day!