Wednesday, January 23, 2008

NibbleFest - 2 animals make 1

I was able to do NibbleFest this month! Yay for me! The theme this month was to combine 2 animals into 1. So here you have a "Bird Dog". He looks a little like Ziggy and a fancy rooster or peacock.

I hadn't listed anything on eBay since October. It feels exciting to have an auction up again, although I have to say eBay is so not user friendly anymore! And I hear people complain about Etsy not being user friendly. I like Etsy's interface much better. But the auctions are fun, and I love watching how they progress.

This is a little ACEO(2.5x3.5) watercolor and pen and ink.

And don't forget to search NFAC while there on eBay. I love looking at all the other entries, and they really came out for this one!


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