Friday, February 01, 2008

Illustration Friday - Legends and Tales

I'm getting my Illustration Friday entry for Legends and Tales done at the last possible moment of the week. Better late than never.

There are so many legends and tales that came to my mind for the theme. It was hard to choose just one to illustrate. I decided on one of the stories carried down through the ages of what happened to Merlin the wizard. Here we have the version where Merlin is trapped within a tree by magic.

I toyed with the other fate of Merlin for my illustration. In the other version Merlin impresses the fairy, Niniane with his magic by building a castle in the air. She learns of his magic and dances a spell to enchant Merlin. While he sleeps the fairies trap him in his castle in the sky where he lives, separate from the mortal world.

This is an acrylic painting done on an LP record. No need to frame, just hang on an nail through the center hole. They look wonderful alone or hung in a group.



marina said...

I like this old tree very much..warm but a little scary in the same time, the ambient of this illo is mysterious: good point for a tales&legend theme!

Garden Painter Art said...

Gosh, it's been so long since I've had the time to stop by and say hello to my blog friends.

I've just enjoyed going back through some of your past posts. I'm really loving your new work!

Garden Painter Art