Monday, January 21, 2008

Etsy Pick-O-The-Week - colorada

How does it happen that you blink your eyes and a week has gone by since updating the blog?! Just busy-ness I guess, or is it plain ol' laziness? Me lazy? Never! (ha ha)

I've been planning on featuring this Etsy seller for a while now. I met colorada a few weeks ago in the Etsy chat rooms. Once I saw the shop I knew I had to choose it for a POW!

Aren't the colors, and photos gorgeous?

Here you'll find wonderful reconstructed clothing, bags and art. I always love clothing that has been revamped into a new, more exciting and unique creation! I like to upcycle clothing too, but it seems there is always some other priority in my life that must come first. So my ideas lie dormant in my head, for some day when the time and energy all mesh into a new invention.

I can see myself in this dress (longingly looking forward to summer dresses, barefoot in the yard!)

Oh, and she has an enjoyable blog too!

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