Friday, January 11, 2008

Pretty colors for your hands (and arms)

I've created more arm warmers for the new year. I completely sold out over the holidays, both on Etsy and around my town. That was helpful for my holiday spending. So along with making new prints of my art, I've also been doing some crochet. I've sold a new pair already, but I'm ready for more sales during this slow January.

I wasn't sure how the green and blue pair would turn out. I love this green and I liked the combo with the blue, but I thought it was going to be too bright. As I finished them I loved them more than I thought. I enjoy the colors, and sometimes our winter lives needs a little cheerful color! They were named "Beachcomber" because the colors are so beach-like to me.

I love this pair too. They have some wonderful yarn that adds this great texture. Wesley helped me name them "Oceanic Moon." I just can't decide which is my favorite!

On a related note, colorada from Etsy was kind enough to mention me on her blog, Delight::Destiny. That was a delight to see! She seems to like the arm warmers as well. That's nice. Go check out her blog for other good finds!


Garden Painter Art said...

Those really are lovely. Have you always crocheted or is it a newly learned skill!

Garden Painter Art

Tammy said...

LOVE my arm warmers from you! I bought some for me, my mom and my sister for Christmas!! I will likely be back for other gifts too! :)