Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Etsy Pick-O-The-Week - MrToastStore

Who DOESN'T like Mr. Toast?

My life's a little crazy now, so I chose to do an old favorite for my Pick-O-The-Week, MrToastStore!

I first came across Mr. Toast on MySpace, and how happy to later see him on Etsy. There's something so fun about Dan Goodsell and all of his little friends, you can't help but smile when you see the creatures! My 9 year old son was instantly hooked on all the characters, and he used his hard earned art money to buy one of Dan's books last year. Of course, the book was an instant success with all of his friends as well. They liked Mr. Toast so much that there were a few days of Mr. Toast and friends games at school. One friend went so far as claiming that HE had invented Mr. Toast a couple of years earlier. We of course knew that was just a tall tale!

Over in the MrToastStore you'll find original paintings, books, buttons, bookmarks, and plushies like this hilarious "Frankentoast" that you see here. I'm sure there's bound to be other stuff there sometime soon.

Find Dan's website at From there you can find his ever-so-entertaining blog, animations and lots of other fun, happy stuff.


Amanda said...

AWWWW.........he totally made me smile

Tricia said...

I love Mr. Toast, so kooky!!

Felicia said...

I never heard of him but I'll check him out :)

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