Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Decade of Motherhood

I'm amazed that my son turned 10! It's so cliche, but they do grow up so fast! I'm very proud of my friendly, creative, intelligent, sweet boy! If you've got the time, and interest, go to his blog Creep-A-Zoid Art and comment to be entered in his give away in honor of his birthday.

We already had the party for his friends a couple of days ago. So on the actual birthday we like to have a fairly relaxing day together and go out and enjoy nature in some way. We took a little hike. It was a little hot in the sun, but the sky was very blue and there was a nice little breeze. Although you can see the result of our drought. More dead trees.

Just a small amount of smog when you looked out over towards the city.

Even with the drought, you can still enjoy a little green in the creek areas. The smell is as lovely as ever, and there's still a tiny bit of water flowing in this creek.

After our day hiking, we went off the hill for dinner and a movie. An enjoyable day in honor of 10 busy, happy years!

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