Sunday, March 20, 2011

more pendants

I ordered some more cabachons for my pendants a few weeks ago, and have put a few into my Etsy shop. Little prints of my art work art encased in resin on the antique brass cabs. I also purchased some vintage glass pieces to put onto the necklace with the pendants. They are also made with antique brass chain. Kind of Steampunk lookin.

So far I have the Perplexed Little Flapper.

There's also my older little Martini Cat, (also known as "Roses and Martinis." I'll be adding more as I get them finished and pix taken. Find the jewelry section of my shop here.

This last week while watching American Idol, my friend calls me to say "Is Steven Tyler wearing one of your pendants?" I cracked up! So now I find this pix of him, not from last week, but another night. Not my pendant, but same type, different art. And now you too can be like Steve, how cool is that?!!!

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