Sunday, May 31, 2009

Return of the Batiks

This is the fifth year I've done this batik project with every 6th grader at the local school.

It's a lot of time and work, but really is one of my favorite projects once it's all done.

An interesting thing that usually happens with this project is how the best drawers in the group don't always have the best batik. They seem to add too much detail. The kids that keep it simple have the best results. This shows you how different projects help different people succeed in different ways. But it's a reminder to me to really stress to make the designs simple, which I do, but maybe I need a more forceful approach for those few who want to go too detailed.

This was my favorite one for the year. Can I just say I lost it and keep it for myself? Guess that wouldn't be very nice, huh?

Here they are hanging at Open House in the classroom. Pretty huh?

See the past 2 years results and details here and here. They're better photos too, I took the pix this year at the wrong time of the day.

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