Saturday, March 26, 2011

Etsy Pick O The Week - Ampoids

This week's POW is ampoids. These little upcycled items are just pure genius! Ampoids makes portable amps and speakers for your MP3 player, and also little amps for your electric guitar! All this big sound coming out of a little, recycled Altoid tin box. They are very reasonably priced and how convenient to carry.

"Come on and break free from your headphones! -You know you want to!" says the high tech, creative mind at ampoids.

I especially love these because I have a strong fascination with tins.... round tins, square tins, old tins, new tins, large tins, tiny tins, larger tins to hold the tiny tins. They are just a more attractive way to store my many trinkets and supplies for creating!

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