Sunday, March 14, 2010

smARTS Art Exhibit at Idyllwild Arts Academy

Every other year Idyllwild Arts Academy opens its Parks Exhibition Center for smARTS to have an exhibit of all the students' art at our local K-8 school. This is a big event for smARTS with never ending amount of hours to select the perfect art piece for each student, then carefully hang each piece and label it.

A highlight of the exhibit always seems to be the 8th grade project. This project is in response to their visit to the Museum of Tolerance. They are always very emotional pieces of artwork. This year their words were used to add to portraits of themselves. They are striking as a group as well as when you read the words they used in the art.

Here are the dragons I traditionally do with the 4th graders for Chinese New Year. They are fun.

I also always like the symmetrical butterflies I do with the 3rd graders

And here you can see the turtles that the kindergartners do, as well as the 5th grade project on foreshortening.

Yes, this is a good event, and once it's over, I think it's worth all the efforts.

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