Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Jim Morrison's 65th Birthday

December 8, 2008.. Jim Morrison's 65th Birthday.

Over the weekend I watched The Doors in Europe on KCET. It reminded me of how I was completely infatuated with Jim Morrison when I was a very young, near-adult. I was a little obsessed, as young people become, and I enjoyed making art of the overly-attractive, highly sexy man.

I was so good at duplicating things, but not sure if they had much style. It was good practice, but I like more imaginative things better. Although a lot of people think "good art" is something that looks like a photo. I think differently.

In honor of Jim's Birthday, Jim Ladd and KLOS had a webcast with Ray Manzarek and Robbie Kreiger (of Doors fame) tonight. I watched it and saw some of my tribal friends enjoying themselves.

Because of that event, the TOC on Friday was "door". I didn't do any new art, but posted a few of my ancient portraits. And I got a request in.. Grateful Dead's "I know you Rider." This has one of my favorite lines..."The sun will shine in my back door someday... March winds will blow all my troubles away."...well I try to think optimistic like this anyway.


equivoque said...

great portrait! greetings by way of etsy.

Garden Painter Art said...

Wow, how did Jim's 65th pass me by without realizing it. I watched that KCET special a couple of weekends ago as well.

How well I remember my brother (who is 11 years my senior) constantly playing The Doors, The Grateful Dead and Quicksilver Messenger Service. He passed his musical tastes on to me. Now, I have passed my love for The Doors on to my 15 year old daughter!!

Garden Painter ARt