Sunday, December 28, 2008

Art Lesson - Tissue Collage Candle Holder - smARTS Gifts

For the past few years smARTS has done an event we call "smARTS Gifts". This was in response to a few teachers who wanted to stress that it can be a good idea to make a gift for any occasion really.

For the second year now I've done this project with fourth graders. I figure they're nearly responsible to work on glass, and to give to a special ADULT in their life (because of the candle)

Each kid was given a glass jar. This year I had a whole bunch of the same design donated. Last year I just went to the thrift stores and bought different glass jars, cocktail glasses, whatever seemed to fit a small candle. I first had the kids choose 2 or 3 colors of tissue paper. Then I had them tear small pieces of the tissue to prepare. They were then to paint glue (a little watered down white glue works fine) with paintbrush right onto the glass. They could then pick up the tissue with the wet paintbrush (I hoped anyway that they could do this, trying to keep their fingers free of glue to avoid frustration). I told them to go ahead and paint the glue onto the top of the tissue also. This adds a sort of varnish, and protects the paper.

If they had extra over the top, as seen here, I had them trim that off. I also made sure that no paper was glued on the inside, or bottom. Then they were to get a little tea light (if I were prepared, maybe the flameless battery-operated "candles" would be better... I don't know, that's a personal choice).

While the candle holder dried they were to decorate a tag and brown paper bag with ribbon to wrap the candle holder. I also made little "warning" stickers for the bottom. This mentioned the warnings to "never leave candle unattended". Safety you know! I also emphasize to the kids the importance of not forgetting that these are glass, and they will break!

It took most of the kids the hour to complete, which was perfect.

I hope the gifts were enjoyed!


Jenni said...

What an awesome idea.. I did some candle holders with used wine bottles.. The fun part was of course drinking the wine..

Jenni - Australia

skyM said...

What a thoughtful little memory you've given. I remember what a thrill it was to be able to make something for my parents :D