Thursday, December 11, 2008

Glad Tidings

I've finally finished my annual Christmas card! I couldn't get in the mood, and had no idea what to do, until tonight. Then it finally came to me. I wanted some kind of doll, and who's the cutest doll? Blythe of course! And she has a little boyfriend giving her glad tidings of joy! Not sure how happy she is to have a mouse for a lover, but at least she's got one.

This was carved into a "speedy-cut" stamp, then printed with acrylic paint. This is the fourth year I've made my cards this way. I was tired of the xeroxed black and white cards, and I wanted color. And it just took too long to watercolor all my cards, which is what I did a few times. So this is a way to get some color, and maybe glitter, without too much effort. I do enjoy carving these stamps though, and once I get the design figured out, it really isn't too hard to do.

So if you know me in the "real world" don't be too disappointed that you won't be surprised when you get your card!


Mother Bliss said...

Those cards came out great! Thanks for giving me one, and love the magnet too. Abby was all, wow, Saffron made this?! ^_^

rusty said...

I love Jim!