Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Winter's Comin

Well, no it's not here already, but it is cooling off rapidly up on the mountain! I hear it's already in the 60s, in the day, up in Montana. So yes, it's time to start preparing for the hardships of Winter. And for me that means to start crocheting lots of arm warmers.

I've got a few new pairs in my Etsy shop now. And you can look for more coming soon.
I'm going to enjoy the few remaining warm days I've got. I've got some flower seed to collect in my and apples!

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Mother Bliss said...

Funny, I was just telling David I can feel winter coming. I did nothing but play all summer, and now I'm sweatin' to get my wood chopped before it's too late! I sure hope we have a mild winter.