Thursday, September 18, 2008

"100th Sale" Giveaway!

Yes, that's right, I'm approaching my 100th sale on Etsy! Yay, but it has taken a little longer than I'd have liked! Still I'm happy none-the-less. So I'm having a giveaway... Just be the buyer of my 100th sale and you can pick out up to $11 of stuff from my shop. So if you buy one little thing (any price), and you're the 100th sale, you get something free! I'm at 98 sales right now. So if you are #99 and #100, you get the free item, or items. Just be sure to mention in the note to seller what you'd like for free. Get a few magnets, or a print, or whatever, as long as it is $11 or under. And you'll only pay for the shipping of the original item you buy. And if you forget to mention what you want in the note, I'll be contacting you and asking what you want free!

I'm just happy to finally reach 100, and I want to get there ASAP, and give a little something in return.

Go to my Etsy shop here!


kim* said...

congrats. i am far from that but i will have to have a party for it when it happens :)

fookaDESIGNS said...

Great idea for a giveaway. Congrats on so many sales!