Saturday, September 06, 2008

TOC - spirit

Last night's Theme of Consciousness was "spirit". Here's my very humble doodle. I realize I just don't have time to get a drawing done when I start at 9. I finished this at 12:30.

I did get a request played. It was "Come all ye rolling minstrels" by Fairport Convention. Where else can you hear Fairport Convention on LA commercial radio? That's why Jim Ladd is so great! I'm still waiting to hear some Willie Nelson, Old Crow Medicine Show and some Hank III. Then I'll know it truly is free-form radio! He plays Johnny Cash, so why not Willie?! And I always make a request for OCMC, maybe one of these days he'll think "wow, I should give these guys a try!"

Listen to Jim on the web, Mon-Fri, from 8pm-1am PST. here's the link to get to the stream.

and in case you haven't heard the magical Fairport Convention, hear ya go...

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