Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Finally I'm getting to my neglected little blog!

These are the annual handmade Valentines that Wesley made with my help. This is a Dr. Seuss inspired drawing that Wesley drew. We printed the design and wrapped 27 dark chocolate candy bars for his classmates and teacher. I think they are simply lovely little treats!

I'm trying to pull myself out of the dumps that I've been in lately. Personal problems and sicknesses, on top of the winter blues have just been wreaking havoc on my life. I've been unmotivated and depressed and my art, and life in general, has suffered. It doesn't help that we got some unexpected snow (about 5 inches) last night and today. Yes, we were in drought, and we need the moisture, but I've had to hike to my car about a block away all year. I'm tired of my car not being on my own property. But I feel I may be pulling out of this ... any day now.

I've got to go finish my PTA newsletter now, and get all prepared for an art lesson for tomorrow. I'm also so over the PTA, but the art lesson will be fun and the kids do make me feel better. Even though this is a brand new art lesson, and that's always some what of a learning experience, and could be hit or miss! Hopefully it goes well and I'll have some fun kid art to share soon!

Wow so sorry for the blues, but at least I've got a new entry, right? Hope your heart is filled with cheer!!


Nicole Solo said...

battling the winter blues over here too, and we never even got any snow! It sucks but we'll just hang in there, right? :)

Tricia said...

I hear ya sista, on the winter blues!! I'm so anxious for spring!!
Can't wait to see flowers instead of snow!
Thanks for your understanding comment on 'creative mojo' on my blog! Good to hear that i'm not alone!