Sunday, September 30, 2007

Theme of Consciousness-TOC-Rock

If you live out in Southern California you have probably heard of Jim Ladd at some point in your life. Jim is a legendary disc jockey on FM radio and has been for, I don't know, 35+ years. I know I first listened to him on KMET in the early 80's as a teenager. A high school boyfriend of mine turned me on to him. Jim is very anti-establishment, and is all about free form radio. Now I really don't enjoy listening to a lot of commercial LA radio, but I do enjoy listening to Jim! He's not afraid to play whatever he wants, not the usual formula for the radio station he's on. There are a lot more songs out there than the few "hits" most radio stations play, and Jim's willing to play them!

So on Friday nights he turns the airwaves over to the listening audience. It's called "Theme of Consciousness." Each week there's a different theme and he only plays requests that fit that theme from 9pm to 1am. Not only does he take calls, but now he's on myspace and people request from there. What is really cool is people post some amazing pictures relating to the theme and songs on myspace as well. So I started joining in posting some pictures a few weeks ago. Well... this week I posted this little doodle that took me 5 minutes to whip out. Shortly after posting it, Jim came on air and gave me a shout out, along with the 6 or so other regular posters of fabulous artwork and graphics. I'm so amazed with these people and their database of images. They are so clever, and extremely quick at posting these pictures. I'm very humbled with my little drawing up against their masses of images! But mine was thought up on the spot, out of my own head, simply drawing with a pen in my journal.

You can find him on 95.5 KLOS from 8pm-1am (Pacific Time), Monday thru Friday. And those of you not in So Cal, I think they are now streaming. And definetely go to Jim's Myspace page to check it out on Friday nights!