Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Painting A Day - "Peak-A-Boo"

This is my first "Painting A Day!" Oh, the pressure! Can I do it?! We'll see how many days I can go before I don't get a painting done in a day. I know, it's only a general committment - just to be more productive in general with my art. Knowing me, I'll have to go out of town soon, then I won't get 1 done a day. I will try to doodle for some ideas though.

This little watercolor painting is an ACEO - 2.5 x 3.5 inches. I decided to start extra small. I'm still in my ACEO phase. One reason I love ACEOs is because of the easy shipping. Wouldn't anyone?

I did a doodle of this little cat hiding in a pumpkin one Wednesday while at Wesley's school. So I decided to make it into a painting, and make it my first Painting A Day. For me the hard part of doing a painting a day will be coming up with ideas. I guess I need to get past that. The important thing is just to paint, to improve my techniques. But I always feel like my imagination needs to excercise as well. We shall see if my creative well will run dry or not!!

Oh, this is for sale now at eBay. See the link to the right>>>. And as usual, a low starting bid of only $.99!! Also, check out the link to the Daily Painters Gallery. There is some beautiful art there!

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