Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Aggie's ready for Halloween

Wow, I can't believe I finished Aggie in less than a week! That's good for me since I usually let dolls that I'm making sit around a while before they are finished. I must've enjoyed making this cute witch.

The most time consuming part of sewing something is the picking of the fabric. I have a large collection of assorted fabrics. Recycled, vintage, new. I just love fabric! So once I've got an idea of which I'm going to use it goes much faster. I didn't use a pattern. That's how I usually make a doll. Just figure it out as it comes. I dyed the muslin body in tea. Sewed some wool yarn into her head. Stuffed her, drew and painted her face. Then the next hard part is making her clothes. Aggie has a blouse that is a lot like a corset, some bloomers, a mini skirt, and of course a hat. All are removable so she can change her clothes if wanted.

Aggie really would like to be a creeepy, scarey kind of witch but she doesn't have it in her. She's just too darn cute!


Askinstoo said...
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KT Did said...

Your little witch is adorable! I love her. You need to make me a generic doll for my bike, so I can dress her up for the seasons! Hope all is well.

saffron said...

Hi and thanks kt did! You do need a biker chic doll!