Sunday, August 13, 2006

saffron's new blog

Well, I've finally decided to make a blog. Why? Not sure. Just in case there's someone out there wanting to see what's up with me!

So today is Sunday. I've been home what 5 days? But I've got to leave town again in a couple of days. My sister's getting married and I must attend, of course. Haven't been home much this summer. But did go to 20 states. I experienced the country a bit instead of the quiet life in the mountains. I will share some photos from that soon.

Yay, I sold my second item on etsy today. Two items sold in less than a week. That's pretty good traffic. It beats ebay. Well at least so far. Sold a cute little bracelet with a little print encased in resin. The print is of a painting I did way back when I was a wee 20 year old. It is "1930s Lovers". Wow it sold so fast, in about 10 minutes after posting it. That was pretty cool!

Gotta go now. This is a little start to my blog.

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