Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Greetings from Rebecca Flowers

I've been busy this week getting back into the old school routine. I'm happy I was able to do some art and post some items up for sale. I listed this catdoll a couple of days ago. It's about time! This cat has taken forever to make. That's what happens when first of all - I papier mached the head what?? 2 years ago?! Then I finally painted the head about 9 months ago. Shortly after that I sewed the body and decorated her with the heart. Then she sat around for more months until I finally dressed her earlier this week. And yay she's finished! Then I named her Rebecca Flowers. No, she is not related to Jennifer Flowers! I do adore these dolls, as all dolls. But I guess they are so time consuming that I loose interest. I have another boy catdoll that I will finish hopefully very soon. They really do look better, and are happier, with a friend near by!

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