Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Hot Sauce for Hot Sauce

This is a pepper that we've been nursing all summer. It's Wesley's prize possession. We were across country and the first thing he'd ask Brad on the phone was, "How's my pepper?" I'm grateful the thing wasn't ate by a bird or mole. I'm able to grow a lot of things and my garden is flourishing, but I'm not the best at growing vegetables. That is ironic since I want to move and have some acres just so that I can grow some of my food. Maybe it's the soil here on the mountain that is stunting my veggies growth. Well this pepper is quite a prize to behold. What will we make with it? Any ideas out there?

"Hot Sauce" is Wesley's nick name. As of this summer he was christened with that name by a cousin out in Michigan. Hot Sauce had a lot of fun with those teenage people. He was one of the stars out on the badminton court, thus the name. Will the pepper turn out to be as hot as the grower of the pepper? We shall see. It is a beauty though!

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KT Did said...

YIKES! That's some pepper!