Sunday, November 02, 2008

Witch Doctor - Tiki Dude

Did you have a fun Halloween? We did! Here's Wesley in his costume, a witch doctor, aka "Tiki Dude" by many of the observers of the night. Wesley dreamed it up, I manifested it into the thing it is. Pretty easy to do with a corner of a box, painted up, then with raffia added to the top. Plus I made a "bone" necklace out of paper clay. And better still, Wesley won the costume contest for his age group at the town carnival. FUN!

And here we are, Tiki Dude, and me in my very-quickly whipped together, groovy looking witch. I like having the opportunity to damage my hair with a crimping iron.

I guess it's now time to fully submerge ourselves into the holiday season. Well, at least if you don't want to run out of time, and ruin your experience because of being rushed and unprepared, right?!


Kristina Layton said...

Whoa! Awesome costume! I will have to remember that one~ my son would love it. :)

Deckled Edge Bindery said...

Those costumes are so great. Looks like you had a wonderful Halloween.

Lo Christine said...

I love the witch doctor costume! So unique!