Saturday, November 29, 2008

OC in November

Thanksgiving Break is reaching it's end. We're deep in the middle of the Holiday Season again! The Holidays with many people just struggling to get by with the basics. I'm hoping for more sales than last year, but it could be difficult. I'll have to go minimal also.

Earlier this week I did go down to Orange County for busy, fun-filled experiences. First, went to a Tribal Party in the South Bay area. Met some new people, got to know some others a bit better. Fun time, but very different for me to go to that part of the world.

The next day was a party at my sister's for my 3 year old twin nephews. They're growing up fast, but just as energetic as ever!

Next was a long lunch with my dad and his friends at the best vegetarian restaurant. Au Lac in Fountain Valley can convert the biggest meat eaters to go veggie! It's vegan Vietnamese and Chinese cuisine. And has a large supply of raw selections too, if that's your preference. This has been Wesley's favorite food since he was one!

Then there was our long, but enjoyable, day at Disneyland. Always special at Christmas time. The Small World has reopened. It seems they didn't completely get rid of the Rain Forest Room, but condensed it into the Island-type of room. Not sure what happened to the original room, I didn't notice it. See my post about Saving The Rain Forest if you're interested.

The castle is completely gorgeous this time of year!

Finally our last day we went to visit a very old, dear friend and his adorable daughter. (So sorry we missed you KP!) We went on a little walk into the Coyote Hills. This is a little slice of nature in the middle of suburban Orange County. Unfortunately they want to pave another piece of paradise for more unneeded housing. Well I think it's unneeded when there are so many foreclosures everywhere. While I feel for the construction industry (I know many people struggling now with little work), I also feel the need to conserve the little bit of nature we do have in So Cal. So I say Save Coyote Hills!

Now I've got only part of weekend left until the ol' grind to begin again. The ol' grind with the busyness of Christmas thrown in. Oh Boy!

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Jess said...

I have always wanted to visit cali! you just made the urge stronger, with your pictures! never heard of coyote hills before but its definetly on the places to visit list now!! hopefully it will still be there when and if I ever make it to Cali....