Saturday, October 25, 2008

TOC - Pony Names (Girls)

This week's Theme of Consciousness theme was "Pony Songs". Now if you've never listened to Jim Ladd you might not know what a "long legged pony" is. It's a lady, of course! So this theme was songs that are about a certain girl, like Maybelline, Gloria, Maggie, you get the picture.

My day was a marathon day at the school. 8:30-8:30, with an hour break in the middle. Just one of those exhausting days where I feel a little hung over at the end of it. Dreaming up and doing a little art work was nearly impossible, and this theme didn't make it very easy. So I thought I'd just practice my digital skills a little, and did this much-to-be desired creation. I used wordle and a little PhotoShop. I wasn't happy with my color scheme in the end, but after a few tries, just had to go with it. Those who listen to TOC will understand the big name of "Sue".

I see I've only been posting TOC "art" lately. I've got some other things going on too, and am sorry to say am a little behind. It's just that time of year where life gets too crazy to blog as much as I'd like :(

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Mother Bliss said...

Checked out that Wordle thing. Pretty cool. Hmmm...wonder how that would look on a shirt...