Saturday, December 08, 2007

Snow Flakes Inside - Snow Flakes Outside

Last night we were busy making some snowflakes. Later in the night we had out first snow of the season!

The large rainstorm last weekend, rain all day yesterday, and now snow most of the day today... How glorious to have the moisture, and to help end our drought! Ah, the relief of the fire danger season ending, or at least a break in it for a while!

Today we made some more snow flakes and decorated our front door windows. Thanks to our room parent, Barbara M., Wesley has been very inspired to make lots of these. They look red in this no flash pix, but we actually made pink and white.

A few years back I read about a family who had a holiday tradition where they had a snowflake night. They would cut their flakes, then have contests on most prettiest and other assorted categories. They would have a full celebration of the snowflake, and enjoy hot chocolate and goodies for this night. We had a little version, years ago when Wesley was 3 or 4. We didn't carry on with the tradition like the other family. But we did have a good time cutting these out, and they look so festive in our window, with our winter wonderland outside!

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Tricia said...

The snowflakes are so lovely!
The contest sounds like fun especially with hot chocolate and cookies!!
How is Cleo, your kitten doing?