Wednesday, December 26, 2007

An Exceptional Night, Leads to an Exceptional Sickness

Yes it's true, I, like so many others, have been sick!

On December 12 I had the most incredible night out, seeing the beloved Squirrel Nut Zippers! And what a night it was! Thanks to Wesley, we were able to go back stage after the show and meet them! We got pictures, and Wesley got some autographs (along with some little doodles.) It was very cool, and he was jazzed to share some of his sketch book with the band. They were very nice, and the show was so excellent. I'm ready to see them again. They've got to be one of my favorites of all time!! So many thanks go out to my bestest of girlfriends for the tickets!

I love this photo of Katharine Whalen, She's really looking at Wes, and giving him a smile! She always dresses so wonderfully, and her voice is amazing. Kind of Billie Holiday meets Betty Boop. I love it. I also always love Jimbo Mathus, the singer-songwriter-guitarist-extraordinaire. They are so much fun to watch, and dance to. I'll be looking for their return to the West Coast. Here's another good link to their unofficial site.

Anyway, because all of my allergies lately, and some complications from that, a simple cold became one of the worst cases of coughing fits I've had in a long time. I was having the worst tickles, and it lasted for the 12 days of Christmas! Finally, THE day before Christmas Eve I was feeling almost back to normal. Because of it, my Christmas plans were really skrewed up! I didn't get my cards out, didn't make the gifts I planned on making, didn't do all of my baking, didn't update my blog with lots of pretty stuff, etc, etc, etc. Oh well, sometimes you've just got to let things go, and accept them for what they are. You can't always be a Martha Stewart Christmas Wonder!

So I've got some updating to do on this here blog. Because some of the things that happened have got to be shared, if even for only myself.

I do hope that all of you who celebrate, had an enjoyable Christmas!!!

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amor said...

Wow so many people I know have been ill this Xmas... that said, what a great blogsite you have!