Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Etsy Pick-O-The-Week - TheFlyingEwe

What's one of the biggest sellers on Etsy? Well, in my opinion, ONE of the biggies is wool. Wool for spinning and wool for felting. Almost every time I look at the newly sold items in the Time Machine, I see some kind of wool that has recently sold.

So I thought this week I would find a shop that specializes in supplies for the fiber arts. There's a lot of shops that have wool, but I found TheFlyingEwe. I like this shop for the obvious... it has lots of wool roving for your spinning needs...Both in solid colors and these varigated beauties like the picture you see here. But they also have supplies for the fiber artist-gadgets, spindles, felting needles, kits and patterns. Go to their website at

When I see these natural fibers it makes me want to give spinning a try. But I know my time won't allow it. So instead I'll have to try out some needle felting.

Yes, I always see wool for sale, that and hand-spun yarn. It's funny how spinning your own yarn is making it's comeback. What use to be an ancient neccessity is now a novelty. Our society is so modern with it's high-tech communications, and gizmos. I'll take the hand-crafted unique item over the mass-produced, Wal Mart junk any day! And I do believe the trend is growing!


~ Carolyn ~ said...

THANK YOU for posting such a nice blog about our shop! You started my day out with a BIG SMILE! :o) When you are ready to learn needle felting, give us a shout! I would be happy to teach you! :o) Carolyn

Garden Painter Art said...

I just noticed that you have a showcase on Etsy today. I have one also. We're both there today. Although, right now, Etsy is down.

Hope the showcase brings you a few sales.

Garden Painter Art

Tricia said...

Those colors are sooo pretty!