Friday, November 24, 2006

Painting a Day - Kitty the Southern Belle

This is today's Painting a Day". It's more like Painting a Week for me though! Again I was out of town. When the kid is on school break, well, I've got to leave town! We had to use our Disney passes, so we went to Disneyland for holiday festivities. We have a lot of fun there amongst all the people. And of course, we got to see my little twin nephews. They are the cutest! And almost one year old. So they take up A LOT of time! But SOOO enjoyable to be around. Then Thanksgiving Festivities, and now I'm back on track - for now. I'm amazed how so many can keep up so well with their Painting a Day. Because now I'm thinking "How will I keep this going with the holidays?" I usually make lots of gifts and I'm feeling the crunch now. So I hope I don't get kicked out of the group because I'm probably going to be skipping more days for the gift making. Oh well, I'll just have to do the best I can!

This painting was thrown together today, again at the very last minute. She is "Kitty the Southern Belle". It is 5x7 inches, acrylic on canvas panel. Not much to say about it. I love cats, I love history, and I love costume. When the creativity is not flowing, I usually create something that fits in that group!

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