Wednesday, February 19, 2014

OWL Love You... Forever

I have been on an Owl Overload! But I enjoy Overloads sometimes!  What first started, last year with these Owl Pillows has led to more and more Owls!  Maybe I'm a sell out, capitalizing on the Owl Craze, but I don't think so. I'm remembering in the 70's, during the last Owl Craze, even my own Step-Grandmother was an Owl Freak... I liked her a lot and wish she could've stayed by Step-Grandmother... not to be.

So first I crocheted these Owl Pillows. There have been many colors, and they were sold, and also became Christmas presents last year.  That led into the Owl Hats (which I have been very busy making, many colors and sizes!)

Soon following the Owl Hats, I had a custom order for an Owl Pin/Brooch. This is what a developed for that request.  I will be making more of these in many colors, which will be available soon, straight from me, or maybe on Etsy.  These are my own design, as all my crochet works are.

All of that dreaming of Owls, and Valentine's Day was also approaching. I was inspired by own Luv-N-Kitties and my dreams of Owls, which developed into these Luv-N-Owls!  I made 3 for my weekly sale, the week before Valentines Day, and soon had an abundance of orders, which needed filling in a week's time! I didn't know these would be so popular, and had the dream of them not come so late in the season, I maybe could've made even more money from them!

They are fun and ever so LOVEly, and include a hand-drawn little card that fits into the Owls Heart Pocket, with an Owlish Love Quote, such as "How Loves Ya Baby", "You're a Real Hoot", "Owl Love You", etc. These are also my own idea and pattern, as usual.  Look for their return next year, and HOOOOO knows, maybe they will reincarnate as another HOOOTY Creation! You never know with OWLS!!

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