Monday, August 08, 2011

Half Dome Thru the Years - Yosemite Art, part 2

Here's another look at the progressions of my plein air paintings while in Yosemite.

Our tradition from when we first started these journals we have made a point of going to paint Half Dome at sunset. This is why these pieces may be slightly more bright and saturated with color, it's the sunset glow.

Unless stated otherwise, these were painted from the bridge by North Pines campground.


2003 from Sentinel Bridge




2011 - from bridge by North Pines campground... This year we were extra ambitious and not only painted from the usual spot at the bridge by the campgrounds, but in another spot as well....

2011 - view from meadow by Curry Village

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Rebecca Leifkes said...

Just got back from Yosemite myself. I love all of your paintings. It felt like I was still there enjoying the atomosphere.