Sunday, August 22, 2010

Summer Tiki - Lono Makua

Every summer for 3 years now, my son and I have been drawing a different Tiki. It's become a summer tradition.

This year I illustrated Lono-Makua. It is The God of Fertility and Peace, also known as The God of Music, Peace and Harvesting Crops, sometimes called The Provider... a God of fertility, agriculture, rainfall and music. The legend is that Lono descended to Earth on a rainbow. Well I'm sure it was a Double Rainbow!!

I think he's a bit Cowa-Bunga!

This tiki was done a little differently than last few tikis. Instead of markers, this year these were done with pen and ink, then colorized in acrylic. I painted it with no blending in the paint, because I was hoping to stay closer in style to the previous pieces.

We are in desperate need of some quality markers. Why is it becoming so hard to find Pentel colored markers at a store?

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