Monday, February 08, 2010

Altered Cigar Box - Be Happy, Elf

Wow! How can this be?? I'm updating my blog again, already?? And it's only been a week since the last entry?? What, am I returning back to myself? Is the content me returning? Whatever it is, I'm glad!

So anyway, I was lucky to receive a whole shit load of cigar boxes from a special friend. This is my first creation using them, they are fun!

I painted this elf on the top, and added some tissue paper collage. Also on the side I added some tissue collage for some flowers.

Inside there is a little print of a painting I did a few years back, reminding you to Be Happy! I know I must remind myself of this from time to time! It's the perfect container for your potions, trinkets, or love letters. How nice it is to get a love letter!

It's available now in my Etsy shop! Have a looksey!

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