Saturday, April 04, 2009

TOC - Heart

Theme of Consciousness for this week - HEART.

Here's my little doodle embellished with watercolor.

Got one song played... Grateful Dead - "Easy Wind".... really cool Pig Pen song.


Migraine Chick said...

this is really cool! I love it!

Garden Painter Art said...

This post really brought a smile to face. I haven't thought of Pig Pen in a hundred years. I grew up listening to the "Dead", as my brother was 11 years older than me. He use to bring me along to concerts! How cool was my brother?

Garden Painter Art

payal kalra said...

ur paintings are absolutely fantastical! they stir an inspiration. i wish i could fly to California to learn from u :)

plz keep up the flare :)

payal kalra
deli, India