Sunday, March 15, 2009

Deer Springs Trail

Went on a much needed mini hike today up Deer Springs Trail. You can't walk through a high elevation, sunny hillside without finding some gorgeous manzanita. Just as lovely dead as alive. Beautiful, yet very fire prone.

I can never capture just how very enormous this Live Oak is. You can see Wesley standing at the bottom for scale. It's very difficult to do a tree justice with a camera. Even though it lost a limb probably from the heavy snowfall this Winter, it still takes up an incredible amount of space on the hillside.

Just another view of the famous Tahquitz Rock, also known as Lily Rock. This is a trademark for the area, our own mini Half Dome.

Wesley wanted to see just how far I've been walking lately when I trek out to Inspiration Point. So we took a little drive. Here's another view of Tahquitz Rock, as well as the surrounding area. You can see the rock just to the right of the center of the picture.
Yes, I very lovely day and weekend, and made me a little antsy for the warm months coming soon! Just another day in the life up here a mile high.


pomegranates said...

how wonderful to just be able to go out and enjoy nature...

Marco Costa said...

Interesting blog!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful view!