Saturday, January 17, 2009

Illustration Friday - contained

Boy, what a blogger-bum I've been lately!

I did an Illustration Friday, but I'm a day too late. This is for the prompt "contained."

I can't contain the happiness I feel over the coming inauguration. I'm hopeful for better times ahead, for us all.

This is just a quickie acrylic painting on paper.

So I didn't officially make it for the IF deadline, but at least I did one this week.

I was also inspired a little by watching some 5th graders painting today. They were really enjoying their mixing of the paint, so I wanted to just throw on some paint also. It's a little different than my normal style?

Speaking of the 5th graders. One of them made the comment while doing this mixing of paint.... "I feel like a kid again." That was surely the quote of the week. See how important art is, especially for kids?


louiev said...

Like your image. And yes I'm also very excited about the Inauguration and our next President! :)

BTW - I originally stopped by to thank you for adding a link to our Daily Holidays page over in your Neato Sites.

Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

Well all I can say is..."Amen Sister! You're preaching to the choir!" I feel the same!

Laume said...

I feel the same way - all grinning at odd moments, can't keep it in happy! Wonderful image.