Saturday, April 12, 2008

Save The Rain Forest... Disney That Is

One thing we did over Spring Break is go to Disneyland! This is a regular thing for us. We hadn't been in a year, so we had been missing it! We renewed our yearly passes, and luckily for us it wasn't too crowded.

One of our favorite things is the Tiki Room. We always get a Dole Whip Float and enjoy the Tikis outside, it's very refreshing!

The Jungle Boat is very relaxing too. I'm so amazed with the jungle, and how very large the bamboo grows there. AHHH!

Disneyland is extra special in the Spring. Lots of trees are blooming, and look at how dazzling these foxgloves are! They are very storybook indeed!

I found out that the so called "Imagineers" are planning an update for the Small World. I first heard they were completely redoing the ride. WHAT!!?? How can this be I thought. Well now I've learned they are planning on adding some characters here and there (just another commercializing, brain-washing maneuver to squeeze even more money from parents). Well, I can handle that if they MUST. But what's worse is the possible plan to exterminate the Rain Forest room to modernize it with a "Celebrate America" room. YUCK! I don't like the idea, and now I'm on the wagon to Save The Small World! Sure it's a small, meaningless cause, but I love that Rain Forest and those characters created by Mary Blair! Let's leave some of the original, retro wonders alone as they are! And don't think I'm unpatriotic, I love many things American. But isn't this ride a place to embrace THE WORLD? I'm happy with the little Cowboy and Indian at the end of the ride for America, as stereotypical as it is.

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Looks like a fun trip, poppycat!