Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bluebird Zen

Yesterday, I was one lucky lady to be walking with my camera just as this beautiful Western Bluebird created this lovely scene! I snatched a shot just in time. This is the cropped version to get a better view of the Bluebird. I was very proud of myself, patting myself on the back :)

Here is the original shot of the bird, with the magnificent view in the San Jacinto Mountains.

Fast Forward to today, while looking at my Facebook Pages Feed, I see a local "Business" using my extraordinary photograph (the cropped version), saying this Bluebird was at their establishment, with no mention of me at all.  I've had images of mine stolen before, and it does bother me.  Give me the credit at least!!!

So I decided I needed to at least claim these photos as my own right here before they possibly spread more. Unfortunately, the one stolen didn't have my watermark on it.  Live and Learn... AGAIN.

Still loving and proud of my photo though!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Art Lesson - Easter Egg Humpty Dumpty

Today's art lesson with 3rd grader.  This is a very fun little project perfect for Easter time.  Draw a large egg, cut out with a hat on.  draw and color face and clothes.  Draw and cut out arms and legs and color them, then attach with paper fasteners.  Be sure the legs and arms are not too thin for the hole to be punched into.

This lesson was inspired by my own illustration that I did in 2006.  It was for a theme of "egg" that I joined in on for an online challenge.  Whimsical fun for Easter!

Sunday, April 06, 2014

You Ain't No Spring Chicken

New hatched Spring Chickies!

Dressed in their Dapper Spring Best

They are ready to fly the coup

and snuggle into Easter Baskets everywhere!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

OWL Love You... Forever

I have been on an Owl Overload! But I enjoy Overloads sometimes!  What first started, last year with these Owl Pillows has led to more and more Owls!  Maybe I'm a sell out, capitalizing on the Owl Craze, but I don't think so. I'm remembering in the 70's, during the last Owl Craze, even my own Step-Grandmother was an Owl Freak... I liked her a lot and wish she could've stayed by Step-Grandmother... not to be.

So first I crocheted these Owl Pillows. There have been many colors, and they were sold, and also became Christmas presents last year.  That led into the Owl Hats (which I have been very busy making, many colors and sizes!)

Soon following the Owl Hats, I had a custom order for an Owl Pin/Brooch. This is what a developed for that request.  I will be making more of these in many colors, which will be available soon, straight from me, or maybe on Etsy.  These are my own design, as all my crochet works are.

All of that dreaming of Owls, and Valentine's Day was also approaching. I was inspired by own Luv-N-Kitties and my dreams of Owls, which developed into these Luv-N-Owls!  I made 3 for my weekly sale, the week before Valentines Day, and soon had an abundance of orders, which needed filling in a week's time! I didn't know these would be so popular, and had the dream of them not come so late in the season, I maybe could've made even more money from them!

They are fun and ever so LOVEly, and include a hand-drawn little card that fits into the Owls Heart Pocket, with an Owlish Love Quote, such as "How Loves Ya Baby", "You're a Real Hoot", "Owl Love You", etc. These are also my own idea and pattern, as usual.  Look for their return next year, and HOOOOO knows, maybe they will reincarnate as another HOOOTY Creation! You never know with OWLS!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Who Are YOOOU?.... an owl hat

So far 2014 is filled with Owls!! Owl hats particularly.  Someone thought my Owl "Pillows" were "Hats" while viewing online, and requested one from me. I said, yeah, I've got Owl Hats... then hurried and made this hat, which had been floating in my head for quite a while.  She bought the hat, and since then I've mainly been working on these little HOOTS.

It's always great to get a kick in the butt sometimes......

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Family of Tigers

Wow! I haven't updated in a long time.... I'm going to blame it on the new blogger set up (but the truth is actually probably because I've just been busy with my Spring and Summer!

In May I finished this custom order of Tiger Batik shirts for little Taylor's 3rd birthday.  He's born The Year of the Tiger in Chinese Astrology. So this little family ordered 5 batiks shirts from me with the tiger on the front.
And on the back the back is "3" for his 3rd birthday.

Here are all five of them, from tiny to large!
Here is detail of one of the five tigers!!

Similar tiger shirts will be available soon in my Etsy shop!